Bayt Al Qurashi is the leader in Morocco of agarwood and of the oriental scents. It brings together the ancient tradition of expertise and the modernity of the product in order to be in the pole position of the Moroccan market. The brand tells the story of the old sands lands, containing the most rare and exotic ingredients, gently worn to produce perfumes invoking the eastern wealth and the nature.

    Founded in 1944 by Adolf Dassler, Adidas is a German company specialized in the manufacturing of sports goods. Headquartered in Herzogenaurach in Bavaria, the brand is the leading manufacturer in the field of sportswear in Europe.
    Adidas is also internationally known as the "brand of the three bars" because of the three parallel bars that make up its logo. It remains one of the ten best known brands in the world and has sports enthusiasts on the five continents.
    Adidas sponsors numerous clubs and athletes practicing many sports: Football, Athletics, Basketball, Boxing, Tennis, Cricket and Tennis. Adidas is a brand that has managed to position itself all over the world.

    With nearly 40 years of expertise, of innovation and nearly 1400 stores worldwide, Alain Afflelou OPTICIEN is also the first European optical franchise. The opticians of Alain Afflelou welcome you and guide you in choosing the optical equipment that best suits to your view, to your lifestyle and to your style. The brand also offers its own collection based on exclusive products such as Egeria progressive lenses, lenses Ephemere or even the offer Chin-Chin "Your second glasses for 1 Dirham more."

    Aldo is a Canadian brand created in Montreal by the French Aldo Bensadoun in the 1970s.
    Aldo is leading footwear in the world and also sells accessories such as handbags, jewelry or hats. The positioning of the brand seeks to stick to fashion trends with affordable price.
    In late 2011, Aldo opens its stores in France. The brand is also present in Martinique and in Réunion and is now available at Tangier City Mall.

    Alvina is a Turkish brand of high-end ready-to-wear designed for veiled women. The brand is present around the world namely in Morocco. it opens its brand store in Tangier City Mall for the pleasure of all stylish women.

    BAILEYS offers an elegant collection inspired by the modern design using soft tissue, excellent finishes, bright colors and simple designs that give clothes a special character allowing you to create your individual style.
    BAILEYS is originally Dutch fashion brand manufacturing clothing dedicated just for men. Nowadays, our products are distributed each year in more than 1,500 multibrand stores in Europe but also in Morocco.

    For almost 15 years, we give you the best service. New nail applications, eyelash extensions and even more offers every month, Exclusive and advanced products, Qualified and attentive staff, accessible distribution centers and a wide network of distributors and for more proximity, Now we are present at Tangier City Mall.

    We create fashion for men and women in a world that demand high quality, elegance and comfort. We are reinventing ourselves by raising new challenges and market opportunities.
    Understanding fashion as a mean of expression, as a commitment towards our customers, as a way of life. In our 40 years history, we have created one of the leading brands of Spanish fashion, with a style that we have carried out around the world, with collections that seek excellence and set out the essence that defines us : design, quality and style.

    Celio is 25 years of success. The brand was founded in 1985 and has become in 25 years the inescapable international brand of smart casual ready-to-wear for men.
    Celio today is :
    - 1,000 stores across 70 countries (including 500 in France),
    - 2 brands Celio * & Celio*club ,
    - 4 collections per year with 800 models per collection
    - 35 million units sold each year.
    Celio is a powerful brand, an international brand based on strong values related to accessibility and generosity for a fashion devoted exclusively to men. CELIO is also 100% Celio *.

    Creat'heure is a luxury watch and an official agent of the famous brands of Swiss watches like Raymond Weil, Maurice Lacroix, Versace and Charriol.
    It's a luxury watch that gives time its true value.

    Diamantine is a 100% Moroccan brand created in 2002, specialized in ready-to-wear. Combining at the same time the modern and the traditional twists, it is designed for women, men and children. The brand has evolved to become the Moroccan symbol of a vibrant, accomplice, feminine and easy going fashion. Elected the first trademark and distribution brand in Morocco, its rich collections are always inspired by the Moroccan tradition and the latest fashion trends with a competitive cover offering excellent value.

    The brand Exist is known for its style and concept that rallies masculinity and refinement, classical to modern, elegant to casual.
    Today more than ever, Exist highlights its customers and tries by all material means and human resources to satisfy their needs and meet their requirements by presenting what is best in male fashion.

    Considered as one of the beauty leaders, Flormar offers a full range of cosmetic products of a high quality to its clients. Entering the cosmetic market by the production of varnish, now the brand offers a wide range of Eye shadows, lipsticks and mascaras as well as accessories for skin care. Flormar has a strong position in the cosmetic market; the range of skin care Advice of Flormar, newly launched, includes a skin care cream and a cleanser. The anti-aging products that contain unique and powerful formulas have been added to the portfolio of the brand.

    Flou invites you to cross the trends according to your lifestyle and your own imagination. The sober timeless are subtly influenced by the spirit Chic Ethnic, interpreted for elegance and femininity in every moment, thanks to just cuts and meticulous finishing: printed fabrics, richly colored, classic or fancy stripes, raw or processed flax, silk, the materials are unrolled in forms both comfortable and stylish.

    The GIOMI shop ready to wear for man opens its brand at Tangier City Mall. Since 2002, it offers each season carefully selected clothes of different brands in order to combine fashion with style and elegance.

    Brand of ready-to-wear for men and women, created in 1986 in Casablanca. It presents collections with a smooth touch, bright colors and a style resolutely hung in the air, with excellent quality –price ratio. This modern brand has now more than 20 stores throughout Morocco. Today it opens new store in Tangier City Mall.

    Krys is an Optic franchise leader in France with 966 stores. In serving your vision, we offer the best solutions for your wellbeing. Well beyond the medical aspect, the choice of glasses is an act involving you and your image. With Krys, we offer beauty to everyone: price accessibility, commercial offers, innovations and choice. Come and test the promise of beauty and of accessibility in our new shop at the commercial Center Tangier City Mall!

    Established in 1908, Lee Cooper is an international reference of jeans. Established in Morocco since 2003, it is a ready-to-wear brand for women, men and children. Currently the brand has more than 20 stores across the Kingdom.

    Le Verger Shop, dynamic cosmetic brand has been designed and developed around the olfactory rich and varied universes; it comes in several sensory experience that combines fruity and floral essences for a unique result.
    - An indivisible scent found by the lovers of the scent in every gesture of beauty-care, it offers a fresh, gay and unique world from the shower to the deodorant passing through the moisturizer cream for body. Each fragrance comes in a wide range of products, regularly enriched.
    - Having innovation as vocation. We work every day to go further in our search of novelty in order to have a wide choice of products and scents that will best suit your needs and your desires.
    - A neat concept store that suits you. If you are sensitive to our products and our values, and want to develop our concept store in your city or country, it is possible. Thanks to the opportunity of a "tailored" and "turnkey" franchise that we offer, you can adapt the spirit of the Verger Shop at your store space.
    Training in our products will then be provided by the creator of the brand so as you become familiar with the spirit and the products Verger Shop.

    Make Up Story's est un espace 100% maquillage qui propose les marques make up artist suivantes : BIGUINE Make up, Black Up et MAKE UP STORY’s Skin Care. L’exigence de qualité et d’innovation sont les maîtres-mots de Make Up Story’s afin que la beauté de tous soit un plaisir simple, ludique, accessible mais toujours à la pointe de la tendance. Vous pourrez bénéficier des conseils de nos maquilleuses professionnelles et tester nos produits sur place, pour trouver tout ce dont vous avez besoin.

    Mingle trend, singularity and city life, this is the brand Mango. From the basic jeans to the singular and worked evening dress, Mango collections are almost daily, and always carry a distinctive style. The brand offers bold and practical clothes, suitable for city activity.
    Mango has developed a certain singularity in the lines of its clothes, especially through their original cuts and colors that distinguish it from other brands.
    From the natural young schoolgirl to the active and coquettish woman, Mango knows how to find its followers among those who want to be trendy without ever being "standard".

    An incomparable brand that highly excels in the ultra fashionable lingerie, the luxurious sleepwear, its breathtaking bridal finery, Nayomi uses a variety of fabrics, cotton and silk satin and chiffon in its designs, each collection ensures the freshness and sweetness.
    Present in 5 countries: Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates, its recent opening in Morocco mark a total of 200 stores.

    Okaidi is a universal brand that respects each child, his tastes and his identity. By accomplishing this promise, Okaïdi has become a leading brand in over 60 countries namely, Morocco.
    Okaïdi is now available at Tangier City Mall and offers creative and innovative collections to enable each child to live his style with modernity.

    Sometimes it's a ring, sometimes it's a laptop bag, sometimes they are necklaces, and sometimes it is a portfolio ... Needs in accessories are never fixed ... Unlike the key address, that remains ALWAYS the same: PARFOIS.
    International franchise specializing in women's fashion accessories, Parfois is a reference brand for quality and originality. Today it makes an appointment to shopaholics at Tangier City Mall to discover the latest trends in accessories for women.

    Penti is a Turkish brand specialized in hosiery: panty hose, stockings, socks and also lingerie.
    In 1999, Penti opened its first store in Istanbul. In 2007, the brand launched its online store. Today, Penti has become the most popular brand of hosiery of Turkey and has more than 135 stores in Turkey but also abroad, namely in Morocco.

    Beyond the effort and performance, sport has become a real art of living, an area of freedom, a way to take care of oneself. And also an opportunity to share precious moments with those you love. A practice made of fun and challenge ... like a game, a game in which everyone has a place, where everyone can flourish.
    Planet Sport is a leading distributor of sports articles in Morocco and an exclusive distributor of several international brands. With a strong knowledge of various sports markets, the brand has an annual range of over 5000 references. Its pricing policy is adapted to Moroccan consumers and its sales teams are constantly trained to meet the needs of customers.

    True Success-Story of modern times, the brand Rafinity has emerged over the years as a jewel of the Moroccan jewelry. Under the leadership of its founder, Mr. Aziz El Hajjouji, Rafinity gradually accumulated know-how and a renowned expertise, reflected in its various collections of the highest quality, designed to enhance the beauty and the feminine elegance. Rafinity offers its customers a wide choice among the various exhibits, very eclectic prices to suit all budgets, plus a tailor-made order service, which allows customer to give free rein to his imagination. All advantages participate in raising the position of Rafinity as the jewel of the jeweler's art.

    For almost 15 years, we give you the best service. New nail applications, eyelash extensions and even more offers every month, Exclusive and advanced products, Qualified and attentive staff, accessible distribution centers and a wide network of distributors and For more proximity, Now we are present at Tangier City Mall.

    RAINBOW is your new entrance to a world where the novelty of cookery meets excellence and elegance of the design.Each order that we receive is special and unique. That is why we treat it in a different way, with all our attention and in the respect of the international standards, so that our dear clients can be unconditionally satisfied.

    Secret de Beauté is the first selective perfume chain in Morocco with a network of 20 stores spread all over the kingdom.
    Secret de Beauté is now recognized as a major brand, enjoying the confidence of the largest luxury brands with which it collaborates to offer customers more products and services. Secret de Beauté offers its customers a service and a reception given by teams of professionals of perfumery; our consultants are regularly trained in the art and philosophy of brands.
    Secret de Beauté is developing a strong promotional dynamics, with product offers, consumer gifts, regular contests...

    Shahnaz is a jewelry upscale fantasy, drawing inspiration from India, land of colors, love and mischief. It proposes many jewels in shimmering colors and precious materials. The collection of Shanaz in Tangier City Mall will intoxicate the souls.

    Inspired by street fashion, the brand "Call It Spring" offers a wide selection of shoes and accessories of latest trend.
    The brand is present in Canada, USA and internationally through a network of about 900 stores.
    Call It Spring is now available at Tangier City Mall

    Founded in 1994, Stradivarius is a Spanish franchise specialized in ready-to-wear for women. The shop offers clothing, accessories, jewelry and shoes of the latest trends and also original creations for a trendy, girly and chic experience.
    Stradivarius has kept its identity intact for almost 20 years but continues to be refined in order to produce collections with striking details. The brand realizes therefore a non-faults path and invites you to discover its universe at each collection.

    Swiss Arabian offers a complete range of perfumes that will appeal to modern as well as traditional sensibilities to give you exquisite fragrances that capture your imagination by celebrating your true essence. Its authentic Ood, Dehn el Ood and a selection of Western perfumes tastefully selected are designed to appeal to a broad clientele with different desires.

    The Body Shop was founded in 1976 in the city of Brighton in England. The Body Shop is the ethical beauty brand, inspired by nature, providing the ingredients of incomparable quality around the world to create effective products that sublimate your natural beauty.

    Vero Moda is a brand of trendy clothing for young fashionable and independent women. The VEROMODA shop consists of dresses, coats, and other accessories with a resolutely modern style for all tastes and at an affordable price.

    The most current fashion trends are pure inspiration for Vivas, creator of women's shoes. Each model is designed with love and passion. High heel classic, elegant ballerina or trend shoe with laces, Vivas interprets fashion for a safe, trendy and individualized look.

    Yves Rocher loves women, understand them and accompany their beauty. The team of your new Yves Rocher store is waiting for you to discover a new sensory experience in a world fully dedicated to beauty, to nature and to plant. There's something for every taste and every desire.

    LC Waikiki was founded in 1985. Already number 1 in Turkey, with their idea of "accessible mode" and their famous philosophy "Everyone deserves to dress well". The travel of LC Waikiki continues in the markets both domestic and abroad for 19 years. LC Waikiki, industry leader of ready-to-wear, is present in 29 countries with 600 stores and has 25,500 employees.

    ARA Blanco is a brand of "ready to wear" dedicated to men. With over 20 years of expertise, the brand offers collections of an excellent quality / price ratio, unique and different costumes and a refined style.

    GIOMI is the Lifestyle & casual chic brand for modern and active Men & Women. Always at the forefront of fashion and trends, GIOMI offers varied collections to suit all tastes: elegant suits, casual jeans and jumper. There is a style for every occasion.

    Since 1986, the Nespresso brand has become famous thanks to a high-quality coffee in unique and inimitable taste, present today in more than 50 countries including Morocco and distributed in nearly 200 stores.
    In each Nespresso capsule you will find the best coffee in the world, at every stage of the development of a Nespresso Grand Cru, men and women deploy all their passion and expertise to achieve excellence.
    Today, it's 16 Grands Crus with unique features, stylish capsule protecting 900 flavors they contain against air and light, simple and innovative and simple machines designed to sublimate a coffee flavor of exception and a wide range of privileges reserved for members of the Nespresso Club.

    Scarpini brand was founded in 2004. It is a pecialist of the footwear sales for men and women.
    Our major partners are :

    The motto of GANT is "Never Stop Learning" The story of GANT started with shirts and it has not stopped reinventing them since. Created in 1949, this shirt has a rich past and an exceptional history. The commitment for the quality of its founder Bernard Gantmacher and sense of elegance and business of his son Marty and Elliot ,Were the winning formula of GANT who is, today, the leader of the shirt in the world. "Being the heir of a long tradition is something that distinguishes you from others and above all gives you authenticity and credibility." Christopher Bastin, Creative Director of GANT Ambitioning to be the leader in shirt, the brand GANT is present in more than 70 countries through 750 stores and 4,000 selected retailers. Your shop GANT offers a complete range of products: clothing and accessories for men and women, whose elaboration meets the high requirements of the Swedish Brand in terms of quality and responsibility.
    Phone: +212 539 30 62 10
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