Le Be Wok stands out very early by offering a visionary and creative concept, adapted to the new Moroccan consumption patterns, and constantly innovating in the development of avant-garde flavors.
    Precursor of the Asian concept of "Fastcasual", Be Wok has succeeded in taking the best of the Asian cuisine, and revisiting his recipes with original, bold, unique and delicious culinary creations !
    From the early days, customers have adopted this new healthy, fresh and fast cuisine: finally, an alternative to traditional sandwich !

    Burger King is an international fast food chain founded in 1954. It has more than 15,000 restaurants in more than 90 countries. Burger King opened its first store in Morocco in 2011, and today continues to actively develop its network of restaurants throughout the Kingdom. Products made to everyone's taste, a commitment to using the highest quality ingredients, signature recipes and friendly service oriented families are for a long time an integral part of the success of this brand.

    Candylicious will satisfy all your desires, your delights, your wishes and your needs. You will discover a wide range of candies, novelties, but also all kinds of sweets reminiscent that will remind you the good times and the memories of childhood. A variety of products for a multitude of sensations. This is the most delicious candy shop of all times. Your child will love it and you too.

    A franchise of Dutch ice becomes a reality. Artisanal ice composed of a selection of refined delights and smooth flavors. Our ice cream is handmade, from fresh products: fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juice, vanilla beans, milk, cream and sugar. Because we are aware that only from a good taste and finest ingredients, we can get the best ice cream.

    Liège waffle is the Belgian waffle pastry by excellence. The success of the liège waffle comes from its taste and fragrance released during cooking.
    Moroccans are not obliged to go to Belgium to discover this delicious pastry; Gaufreta is responsible to make you taste them here in Morocco, to the delight of all gourmets.
    Since 2003, Gaufreta is the first manufacturer of Belgian waffle and especially the liège waffle in Morocco.
    Our waffles are often imitated but never equaled. We will introduce you to a world in which realism is put at the service of your greediness.

    From France comes this beautiful franchise with refreshing traits and indisputable dietary benefits. Franchise representing the first network of salad bars in France, Green Is Better has established itself in the Hexagon market thanks to the originality of its concept but also to the quality of its offer. Today, the franchise moved to Morocco and offers a resolutely perfect address to spoil your appetite while eating healthy.

    Known for being a major player in the global market of fast-food, at a heart of a market with a standardized set of offers and rich with its distinction, KFC is the expert of real whole chicken pieces 100% Halal freshly cooked everyday. Breaded or roast chicken, sweet or spicy, the KFC franchise network offers 4 tasty recipes in order to meet all the consumer needs.

    Llaollao is a pioneering franchise in the marketing and development of frozen yogurts, present everywhere in Spain. In addition to their unique flavor, its products are nutritious and healthy.
    Liaollao has 80 points of sale distributed in Spain, Portugal, Benelux, and soon in France, and 1 point of sale in Morocco.

    Lovers of pizza and pasta will satisfy all their cravings at Luigi Da Gino, specialized in Italian cuisine. Discover a wonderful restaurant combining all the flavors offered by Italy! For your outings with family or friends, Luigi Da Gino is unquestionably the right place!

    International chain of fast food and undisputed leader in home delivery, through the quality of its products and the innovation of its diverse and constantly renewed services, Pizza Hut now has forty units throughout the country. With Restaurants offering a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

    Sushi Club is a Japanese fast food brand that, since 2011, constantly stands out by developing a unique expertise in creating sushi, maki and other Japanese dishes and is becoming the "reference" for Japanese fast food. Strong of its success, the ambassador of sushi in Morocco offers a visionary and creative concept: a functional offer for a rapid on-site, take-out or delivered catering. In the evening, a playful dimension takes place with family or between friends.

    The French expert of Tacos moves finally to Tangier. Experience a world of flavors with Tacos original recipes and its delicious Swiss- cheese sauce. From Miami to New Delhi, through Istanbul, discover the unique taste of all our Tacos and burgers. Planet Roll, a world of flavors.

    Nabab Kebab presents menus with series of choice combinations. Only the best is good enough for our clients. That’s why our products are a perfect blend of traditional kebab and get distinguished by both, the diversity of the menus and the unique tastes.

    Lawrence Chocolate Factory is the first moroccan brand that combines the real Belgian chocolate to the luxurious Arabian dates, selected from international renowned palm grove. The factory represents a perfect blend of east and west, mixing seductive flavors and delicate textures. Lawrence Chocolate Factory will provide an original brand-new tasting experience to all the chocolate lovers.

    Over 1300 restaurants in the whole world and available now in Morocco, Telepizza is a passion to our clients and also an obsession to offer the best service. Our secret? A unique dough and fresh ingredients.